Bob Marley Museum Tour

Bob Marley Museum tourBob Marley Museum is located along Hope Road in the former residence of the Hon. Robert Nesta Marley. The structure has two storeys, the lower being masonry and the upper of timber.  The Museum houses memorabilia of the Legendary Reggae Singer and Superstar Bob Marley. Reggae music is identifiable with Jamaica’s culture internationally, and the Museum provides a glimpse into this aspect of our musical culture. Bob Marley Nine Mile Excursions is a tour for die hard Bob Marley fans and for those seeking a better understanding of a young man whose music and vision helped change the thoughts of people world wide.  His music and his message had a global effect and his untimely death made him a legend and an icon.

  • Bob Marley’s birthplace(Nine Miles St. Ann)…… US$245 (3hours from Negril)
    Bob Marleys Museum (Tuff Gong Studio Kingston)….. US$325 (4hours from Negril)